Seasoned Greetings



After the Door of No Return, a map was only a set of impossibilities, a set of changing locations…a forgotten list of irretrievable selves

                      Dionne Brand



i am a well-seasoned auntie / that’s what she said / refuting my claim to be dry / and I liked her for that

and it’s new year’s eve / and this auntie has seasoned messages to send (she thinks) /

to those she knows and loves / to those who / if she knew them / she might love too


tennineeight / she needs to share something / auntie words / with flavours of hope

inspiration / uplift / shift / change

Every year about this time / this is top of the agenda / the main menu

every year about this time / words fail her


Sevensixfive / hurry hurry / gobble the day

because it is the last day / because tomorrow is thinner, fitter, faster, more focused,

it has a bull’s eye / a rifle sight / a starting gun / a countdown


get ready for a new day / for a whole new year / a whole new you


but it’s a no / from the irretrievable selves / who are not new

who bristle (the whole list of them) / poke holes in all auntie’s best wishes / good intentions

why the mad dash into tomorrow? / why the insistence on a self freshly made?

why so keen to leave today’s self so thoroughly behind / exiled / abandoned?

who exactly are you running from? / what exactly did we do / to deserve this?


Four, three / wait.

don’t count out / the irretrievable selves / who refuse to be relegated

to the past / to last year / to last place

decline to be suffocated / by new me’s / new ideas 

new year resolutions


I / she / you / we / well seasoned aunties

not up for / not down with

fresh herbs / new regimes / new spiritual practices

no need for / new bodies / new minds

no targets to set / no projects to find

hold the new shoots / keep the new boots / we are old roots


we are not about dashing ourselves / out / like overnight food / not yet consumed

we are well seasoned aunties / a set of changing locations / impossibilities 

tell us / tomorrow will come / three-two-one

tell us / next year 

we will taste / just as good / as now / possibly / even better


One thought on “Seasoned Greetings”

  1. Yum!
    I ain’t gonna improve overnight either.
    Certainly ain’t gonna arrive on the 1st fitter and faster. Nor thinner. I might do some exercise in 2019 so that I make it to 2020 cos I want to be here despite the great shenanigans.
    I’m drunk already on a small glass of fizz – I am a liquor light weight and glad of it.
    I do know that I will arrive on the 1st without a hangover – cos I don’t want one.
    I too will make no promises, nor will I set a self improvement project in motion.
    I do however intend to continue: more moments with friends, more moments with the music , with words, with images, with art making and partaking, with wisdom that arises in this location and wisdom gathered. In your words, I will continue the seasoning and be a seasoned uncle.

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