Creative Writing & Therapy


As a therapist I practice Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP). This is a growing field of research and practice. Often it is practiced in group settings, and I also offer sessions for individuals who are interested in these ways of working and exploring experience. CWTP sessions draw from a range of activities (too many to list fully but examples include poetry, prose, narrative practices, autobiography and creative journaling). I offer a listening/creating/therapeutic space and opportunities to practice techniques and develop strategies to bring more mindfulness, insight and wellbeing into your life.

CWTP values writing as ;

  • A way to find, say (and hear) what there is to be said
  • A way to explore and embody what is feared, desired or possible
  • A way to express, understand and manage feelings
  • A way to creatively imagine responses to life’s questions and challenges

CWTP does NOT involve critiquing your writing, teaching you how to write ‘better’, or preparing manuscripts for publication (although you may decide this is something you wish to explore).

About Me

I qualified as a counsellor/psychotherapist in 1994. A lot has changed since then (me / my practice / the world…) but using creative writing as a tool for my life and work remains a constant. I have enjoyed having writing published where it makes sense and feels right (e.g. my memoir/bio-mythography) but I see writing first and foremost as a technology for being. To read more about this see Redirections for writers lost and found)

I currently practice as a counsellor/psychotherapist in education and also work in the field of fostering and adoption. I am a BACP accredited practitioner and registered as a HCPC social worker. In my private practice, I offer CWTP sessions for people interested in this way of working, and this includes people who may not wish to engage in counselling or more formal talking therapies. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups.

I enjoy the flexible nature of CWTP and value its capacity to illuminate and respond to a range of complex situations and realities.

I am based in Brixton in South London and can be contacted via email