Foluke Taylor

Some Basics:

I am counsellor/psychotherapist, writer, teacher and parent

I practice/teach/share creative writing as a mode and method of therapeutic enquiry (also a practice of care and a way to live)

I am enthusiastic about transdisciplinary scholarship and practice, and unsettling borders (the borders of therapy, art, activism and community are to me, particularly interesting places) 

I enjoy writing experimentally, across genres, and am not convinced by a fiction/non-fiction binary

My clinical therapeutic and writing practices are grounded in, and by, Black Atlantic experience and black feminist thought

I have an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP – Metanoia Institute), am BACP accredited, and HCPC registered

I live in London

My memoir/bio-mythography ‘HOW THE HIDING SEEK’ was published in November 2018 and is available to buy online – click on the image.