Foluke Taylor

a *therapist and writer. The asterisk (following the work of Christina Sharpe In The Wake (2016)) functions before the word therapist here as both wildcard and placeholder

the *therapist is interested in therapeutic practices that hold open space for thinking from and into the position of blackness, which has predominantly in the development of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, occupied the position of the unthought

the *therapist practices without a prefix to signal both the excess and a black feminist mode that holds open a space for the emergence of the yet-to-be 

the *therapist’s mission is the development of therapeutics that are unruly and capacious enough for uncertainty (not-knowing and being with the unknowable as essential ingredients for imagining, living, and ushering in other ways of being)

the *therapist acknowledges therapeutic relationships as sites of sacred exchange and ancestral commune/ity

the *therapist engages Creatique (critical creative writing as a practice of therapeutic enquiry) and trusts poetics for their hold of a relational otherwise

the *therapist holds BACP accreditation (since 2001), registration with Social Work England, an MSc from the Metanoia Institute, and other qualifying characteristics of interest

the *therapist’s ‘UNRULY THERAPEUTIC; BLACK FEMINIST WRITINGS & PRACTICES IN LIVING ROOM‘ is now out (W.W. Norton (2023)). Her memoir/bio-mythography ‘HOW THE HIDING SEEK’ (2018) is also available to buy online.