About the *therapist / writer

Foluke Taylor

*therapist; where the asterisk (following the work of Christina Sharpe In The Wake (2016)) functions before the word as both wildcard and placeholder

the *therapist is interested in therapeutic practices that hold open space for thinking from and into the position of blackness, which has predominantly in the development of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, occupied the position of the unthought

the *therapist practices without a prefix to signal both the excess and a black feminist mode that holds open a space for the emergence of the yet-to-be 

the *therapist’s mission is the development of therapeutics that are unruly and capacious enough for uncertainty (not-knowing being a necessary ingredient for the imagining, and ushering in, of the possibility of other ways of being)

the *therapist acknowledges therapeutic relationships as sites of sacred exchange and ancestral commune/ity

the *therapist works a Creatique (critical creative writing as a practice of therapeutic enquiry) with poetics as connection ground linking material and ethereal (seen and unseen) worlds

the *therapist holds (along with various other qualifying characteristics) BACP accreditation, registration with Social Work England, an MSc from the Metanoia Institute

the *therapist likes to write & share:


HOW THE HIDING SEEK (a memoir/bio-mythography) is available to buy online – click image below

Recent Works

  • Moving Still: Then, Now When
    Antiphony – call and response; a long tradition of Black life; a way of being and making together. To listen to a recording of this piece https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=DpxdJMrOBps Then, now, when. […]
  • Unseen
    The unseen comes around a next time. All around is fire, cities lit up in flames. Washington DC is smoking. An American president retreats to a bunker under the Whitehouse […]
  • YOUNG GIFTED & (why I sometimes think twice about telling) BLACK
    YOUNG, GIFTED & (why I sometimes think twice about telling) BLACK “We need to stop lying to ourselves”, you say in your book, “and we need to stop lying to each other”. I agree. We also need, I think, to work out what this looks like in practice and how exactly we might stop/start doing it.

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