Foluke Taylor

Foluke Taylor is a counsellor/psychotherapist and writer with a background in social work and education. Foluke’s therapeutic practice draws on psychodynamic ideas from her qualifying training, as well as narrative ideas and methods, and various understandings gained through postgraduate studies in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) at the Metanoia Institute.  She is currently researching ways in which CWTP is usefully employed in exploring parenthood, family relationships, and Black experience.

Foluke appreciates the potential of fiction and non-fiction in multiple tellings of truth, and writes both herself. Her writing explores relational themes – self, identity, family, and parenting – as well as ongoing navigation of the complex set of arrangements sometimes known as ‘Babylon’.

Foluke lives in London with her husband and their five children, without whom it feels as though she would know, and be, much less.