About me

Foluke Taylor

Psychotherapist, Writer, Teacher, Parent

I work from a black feminist relational analytic ground, to support experiments in being and living otherwise

I am interested in intersecting identities as dynamic processes in constant navigation. I see the therapeutic relationship as a site of sacred exchange

Practicing and sharing creative writing is one of my modes and methods of therapeutic enquiry (aka a practice of care and a way to live)

Critical thinking across transdisciplinary space gives me life. I am interested in unsettling borders, and in therapy, art, activism and commune/ity as blended s/places

I draw on the accumulated knowledges of lived experience, and on social, cultural and ancestral inheritance. This includes 10 particularly formative years spent living and working in The Gambia. I also hold an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP – Metanoia Institute), BACP accredition, and HCPC registration

I currently live in London, but continue to dream, connect and collaborate transnationally.

Recent Works

  • Moving Still: Then, Now When
    Antiphony – call and response; a long tradition of Black life; a way of being and making together. To listen to a recording of this piece https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=DpxdJMrOBps Then, now, when. […]
  • Unseen
    The unseen comes around a next time. All around is fire, cities lit up in flames. Washington DC is smoking. An American president retreats to a bunker under the Whitehouse […]
  • YOUNG GIFTED & (why I sometimes think twice about telling) BLACK
    YOUNG, GIFTED & (why I sometimes think twice about telling) BLACK “We need to stop lying to ourselves”, you say in your book, “and we need to stop lying to each other”. I agree. We also need, I think, to work out what this looks like in practice and how exactly we might stop/start doing it.

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