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Centring the experiences of black women allows for richer therapeutic practices for everyone

“Black feminisms have provided a foundation from which it becomes more possible to speak and write of interconnection—of a spirited life, soul, a natural mystic blowing through the air—and engagement with all of this in therapeutic practice.”

Part thesis, part memoir and part poetry, this book is unlike any other therapeutic text. Psychotherapist and writer Foluke Taylor explores how the centring of black women’s experiences in therapeutic scholarship allows for greater space—space for wandering, for wondering and for deepening narratives—in every therapeutic relationship. Beginning with the book’s poetic structuring, Taylor rejects the need for a streamlined solution, instead inviting the reader to take a different path through her crucial research—one that is unruly, nonlinear and celebratory of the richer, fuller narratives allowed for by black feminisms.

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Tina Turpin is troubled. Her everyday problems – controlling her bladder, combing her hair – are compounded by more existential concerns; Who exactly is she and how did she come to be here? Reluctant to make herself any more visible in 1970’s Croydon, Tina seeks answers without asking questions and in this way stumbles upon notions of blackness, whiteness, sex, suicide, and the mysteries of mothers, fathers and lovers. While naivety and people watching are allies in Tina’s self-education, secrecy, bureaucracy and the unspeakables of race, stand in her way.Embracing Audre Lorde’s notion of bio-mythography, Tina’s story is a range of voices that shake, rinse and spin the truth from a life lived without enough information to hold it steady. There is time travel, anthropomorphism, and ‘geneological bewilderment’. There is memory stitched with imagination. There is hiding, seeking and finding out.

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