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Online Screening and Q&A: FOUNTAIN by Alexandrina Hemsley, Yewande 103

Wednesday 9th of November: link

We welcome you to this very special online event which includes a chance to experience FOUNTAIN, the new film work by interdisciplinary artist Alexandrina Hemsley (Founder and Creative Director of Yewande 103), in the comfort of your own home. 

The screening of FOUNTAIN will be followed by a discussion chaired by Mercy Nabirye, Founder and Director of Kauma Arts, in conversation with Alexandrina Hemsley, and Foluke Taylor, Writer and Psychotherapist.

College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists: Fri 18th Nov

Presentation: Mixed. Race. Relationship. And Other Names for What Cannot Be Said.

An internet search for ‘mixed-race relationships’ reveals an area of interest and curiosity for many. Researchers, government departments, conspiracy theorists and therapists are out there reporting trends and predictions and offering various targeted training and advice. This presentation explores this interest in how ‘race’ operates in relationships and asks what ‘mixed-race’ as a categorical assignment simultaneously makes visible and obscures? By seeking to know more about what we mean (and understand) when we speak of ‘mixed-race’ relationships, we are invited to think about how these understandings inform and impact therapeutic practice. The presentation will draw on Black feminisms (scholarship and praxis with a long history of navigating with, and in excess of ‘race’) – to reflect on some of the conversations that ‘mixed-race’ relationships point us toward and how they can support a more race-relational understanding of the therapeutic 


Questioning “Diversity” in Psychoanalysis

Lara Sheehi – Liberation, not representation: “Diversity” and stabilizing coloniality

Foluke Taylor – Following Broken Water: Decolonial continuities and therapeutic emergent-cy

This is the third in a series of seminars on Decolonising Psychoanalysis, organised by the Race and Culture Committee of the Guild of Psychotherapists. The series is intended to open up conversations about psychoanalysis by initiating Transatlantic Dialogues between academic research and clinical practice.

In this instance, both speakers are clinicians, researchers, teachers and activists, and their talks address the seemingly intractable problem of ‘diversity’ in psychoanalysis – within the profession, the theory and the therapeutic relationship.

Black Feminisms in the Consulting Room
Foluke Taylor and Gail Lewis converse with each other about why and how Black feminisms have much to offer the ‘consulting room’ and why it should be taken up as gift full of resources by psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic communities of practice.  This is part of a Confer series called Women on the Couch.  
Confer: Women on the Couch 

When being yourself is revolutionary
Precious Agbabiaka & Foluke Taylor

Race, imperialism and the contradictory clinic